Ashland Productions is a 501(c)3 theatre arts organization serving the Eastern Metro and Greater St. Paul/Minneapolis area

Our Mission

Ashland Productions empowers young people to find their voice by igniting the creative mind, fostering the security of belonging, and developing performance and leadership skills through multi-generational mentorship, excellent theatre productions and arts education.

Your commitment to educating and providing a positive experience for the students is very apparent in the way you interact with staff, students, and parents alike. You provide these kids with the tools and power to fly, and then sit back and watch them soar! Ashland, with your leadership, has set the standard for introducing and teaching students about the joys of community theatre.
— J. A. - Parent

Artistic Vision

We view Theatre as a reflection of life. Like life, the creation of art is a cycle of growth and development, individual inspiration and teamwork, and continuous mentorship. We strive for our theatre community and our programs to create a sense of belonging. Ashland is a safe place for all to stretch, stumble and strive; a challenging place where struggle is embraced and success is celebrated.  We are an encouraging place where differences are valued and all are welcome. At Ashland, Mentors inspire and encourage Learners and Learners aspire to be Leaders and Mentors.   This philosophy fosters great performing artists and, more importantly, exceptional people. We believe artistic excellence is the result, not the goal, of our artistic and arts education process.

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What We Do

  • Multi-generational feature shows

  • Camps and educational opportunities available all year long

  • Our ACT! Program brings our artists to various grade schools in the area, coming together to create a professional production on the Ashland stage