School Ticketing

Please click on the link below to access the ticket purchasing site.  A reminder that there are NO REFUNDS on tickets purchased, so please make sure you are selecting the correct school.  If you are unsure, please contact our offices BEFORE making a ticket purchase.

In the event you purchase for the wrong performance you must call 651-383-8112 or email to complete an exchange.  Tickets can be exchanged once, but cannot be refunded. 

✩  WINNER! 2015 Children’s Musical Theatre Festival, NYC  ✩

Pirates! Aliens! Space Travel! Space Pirates tells the story of Gabby, a kid who gets picked on during a school trip to the museum. Everything quickly changes when an alien space ship accidentally beams Gabby and her classmates up to outer space. Things go from bad to worse when the alien space ship is suddenly attacked by SPACE PIRATES! It’s only after this whirlwind space adventure that Gabby becomes comfortable in her own skin, and her classmates appreciate her for who she is.

Ashland Collaborative Theatre (ACT!) is an exciting artist-in-residence program for schools of all sizes.  This innovative program allows schools to offer their students a one of a kind theatre arts program for low or no cost to the school. Ashland artistic staff work with students each week at the school learning the songs, dances and lines for a full youth production.  Learning the show is only part of the fun. Students will also learn performance fundamentals and team work with interactive theatre improvisational games.  

During the last week of the program, the student's worlds open up as they take the rehearsal process to the Maplewood Community Center on stage in the Maplewood Performing Arts theatre.  Students top off the experience by showcasing their hard work with several performances for their school, family, friends and community with professional sets, costumes, lights and sound! Your students will come away with improved poise, self-discipline and self-esteem - skills that will help them at school and last for a lifetime!

If your school is interested in being a part of ACT!, contact us at 651-274-8020


If you have any questions, please contact our Education Director, Amanda Hestwood, by email at: or by phone at: 651-383-8118.