Are you interested in joining our wacky, zany team?!  We're not afraid to roll up our sleeves and do the dirty work, and we hope you aren't either!  Our team is looking for dedicated, hard-working, individuals who believe in our mission of fostering the development of performance, leadership and life skills through youth mentorship and quality intergenerational performing arts.  At Ashland we believe that "Everybody's weird, but everybody's awesome!", a motto that we live by!  If you're ready and willing to jump into the fire and join our team, then continue scrolling and apply TODAY!  

Ashland Productions is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer.  People of color, people with disabilities, women, and people who identify with other marginalized groups are encouraged to apply. 

managing director

Ashland Productions is a non-profit arts and education organization founded in 1997. Ashland’s mission is to empower young people to find their voice by igniting the creative mind, fostering the security of belonging, and developing performance and leadership skills through multi-generational mentorship, excellent theatre productions and arts education.

Annual revenue is $500-$800k. Earned 80%, support 20%. Ashland has sustained year-over-year revenue increases of over 35% for the past 7 years (FY Sep-Aug). For more information, please visit: www.AshlandProductions.org

The Managing Director (MD) has shared executive leadership of Ashland with personal emphasis on development, financial management, non-profit management, strategy and operations - in support of Ashland’s Mission and Vision. The position is Exempt, Full-Time, and at will. Hours and schedule are flexible and will require evenings and weekends in the course of donor cultivation and event appearances. Compensation is negotiable and dependent on experience.

We are seeking a motivated, detail-oriented and organized individual with non-profit business management experience in a youth-based organization. Experience in the Arts industry is a plus. Strong computer skills (Patron Manager, Formstack, Quickbooks are preferable), excellent customer service, strong writing skills, and an ability to multitask and work in fast-paced environment are a must. Human resource management, experience in revenue generation through donor programs and grants and non-profit financial understanding and reporting capabilities are required.

Board of Directors, Ashland Board Chair

Administrative Assistant
PT Program Assistant
Occasional Interns

Please email cover letter, resume and references to recruiting@ashlandproductions.org

Fund Development:

  • Working with the Fund Development Committee, establish and supervise strategic, annual and program specific fundraising plans and budgets.
  • Evaluate, apply for and maintain required documentation for grants.
  • In concert with Board of Directors, Fund Development Committee, Artistic Director, staff and volunteers, plan and execute two major fundraisers per year.
  • Oversee individual and corporate donor relations and growth.

Financial Management:

  • Work with Artistic Director and key staff to develop annual organizational and individual program budgets.
  • Work with Artistic and Educational Directors to develop ticket and program pricing.
  • Monitor financial health by regularly comparing budget to actual (aggregate & per program). Discuss opportunities and mitigation strategies with Artistic Director and staff to ensure financial goals for the year are met.
  • Review Balance sheet, profit & loss statements and monthly cash-flow with Finance Committee ensuring the treasurer and committee have a clear understanding of the financial position and challenges of the organization.
  • Create and update financial reports including balance sheet, operating statement, cash-flow statement, and profit and loss statement monthly and as needed for the successful execution of fundraising and program goals.
  • Oversee accuracy and performance of bookkeeping staff, periodically auditing accounts to review for data entry accuracy.
  • Sign checks related to operational aspects of the organization.
  • Prepare reports for and participate in the Board’s Finance Committee Meeting
  • Facilitate year-end tax return with Finance Committee and Tax Preparer.
  • Field financial-related questions from staff and board.

Nonprofit Management:

  • Comply with all nonprofit legally required reporting procedures, including filing IRS Form 990 and annual reports with the Office of the Minnesota Attorney General.
  • Produce a comprehensive annual report that contains information on Ashland’s activities and performance.
  • Provide multiple ways (via email, website, ongoing surveys, phone calls) for Ashland constituents and community to request information and provide input/feedback.
  • Disclose how constituent information will be used and ensure that Ashland complies with an individual’s expressed confidentiality and privacy preferences.
  • Make readily available information regarding fees and services, including available discounts and scholarships.

Operational Management:

  • Ensure all financial and operational processes are documented and up-to-date.
  • Partnering with the AD, conduct weekly staff meetings to ensure excellent communication and delivery of all services.
  • Oversee management of information systems (hardware, software, financial, CRM, cloud storage, website etc).
  • Oversee all online registrations for participation and ticket sales and ensure accurate and complete payments and coding in financial software.
  • Oversee theater rentals and contracts.
  • Oversee general office management.
  • Maintain excellent relationships with YMCA ensuring a mutually beneficial tenant experience for YMCA and Ashland.

Strategic & Annual Planning:

  • Partner with Artistic Director and Ashland Board to develop, implement and maintain a 3-5 year Strategic Plan.
  • Partner with Artistic Director and Staff to develop annual plans, including outcome objectives for all programming

Outreach, Board and Community Relations:

  • Work with Marketing Manager and staff to establish annual and monthly communication plans to enhance Ashland’s reputation and enable the successful execution of program and fund development goals.
  • Regularly talk with donors in person and by phone, deepening connections with key Ashland funders.
  • Establish and deepen relationships with key city personnel, YMCA administrators, and local administrative theatre personnel.
  • Ensure Board Chair and Treasurer are well-informed about opportunities and challenges faced in the day-to-day execution of Ashland’s mission and activities.
  • Prepare for and attend monthly Board meetings. Prepare a detailed monthly Managing Director Report.

Staff Leadership & Management:

  • Oversee Bookkeeper, Administrative Assistant, various PT office hires, interns and volunteers providing timely and regular feedback on performance and goals.
  • Assist staff in selecting personal and professional development opportunities and ensure they remain up-to-date on current arts and non-profit management programs.


  • Special Projects and other duties as assigned.

We are always accepting resumes, so if you'd like to send your info for another position not listed above, please send a cover letter and resumé to Elisa Olson, Managing Director at elisa@ashlandproductions.org.