Press start! (Ashland Cast)

Press Start

Press Start transports us inside the bright, pixelated world of video games! When the famous characters we know and love run out of lives, they decide to put on a musical fundraiser that will help them raise gold rings and play on. Through hilarious and heartfelt musical numbers we see the heroes, villains, and sidekicks like we've never seen them before. But when things go terribly awry, it's the quiet sidekick Little Mushroom who must find the hero within to help save the day!

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 3.22.31 PM.png

Director: Rob Sutherland
Vocal Director: Joan Fitch
Choreographer: Dylan Rugh

Stage Manager: Sam Monk
Asst. Stage Managers: James Bresette, John Kurtz

Meet the Cast

Young Adventurer: Jackson Horwath
Young Traveler: Violet Bitzer
Young Daredevil: Eliot Kirk
Young Globetrotter: Ford Bradshaw
Young Pioneer: Alayna Nosbush
Young Pilgrim: Eliya Vollhaber
Marco the Plumber: George Wellens
Marty the Plumber: Charlie Swanson
Milton the Plumber: Jesse Kurtz
Speedy the Hedgehog: Zander Livingston
Mammothman: Callahan Fish
Karate Girl: Katelyn Hoppe
Tennis Player: Caroline Van Ranst
Soccer Player: Annah King
Spiky Turtle: Angela Collins
Sharp Turtle: Sarah Cordes
Stinging Turtle: Zachary Falkenstein
Mad Biologist: Caileigh Kilbride
Mad Chemist: Carly Brekke
Evil Robot: Jackson Pettis
Evil Cyborg: Katelyn Rapp
Slimy Alien: Adeline Anderson
Generic Ghost: Carver Fish
Zombie: Jack Klemenhagen

Little Truffle: Lauren Kelm
Little Portobello: Elodie Dikeman
Little Crimino: Harper Wolffe
Little Shiitake: Kenley Van Ort
Little Maitake: Clara Clark
Baby Bella: Lucy LaPlante
Leonardo the Brother: Peter VanGomple
Helpful T-Rex: Josh Parton
Fairy Guide: Parker Joyce
Elf Guide: Mena Koch
Paws the Fox: Finnly Mass
K9: Emma Woods
Fe-9: Natalie Lawrence
Princess Pomegranate: Maya Forsberg
Princess Mango: Scarlett Scholl
Princess Apple: Chloe Rehder
Princess Grape: Madelyn Davis
Princess Plum: Audrey Bresette
Princess Raspberry: Molly LaPlante
Princess Banana: Mira Jensen
Pac Anne: Ali Fierro
Square Builder Eve: Megan Schlosser
Square Builder Eva: Huxley Wolffe
Angry Pigeon: Harper Galvin
Giuseppe: Cullen Van Ranst

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