Deuces Wild! Dueling Pianos

  • Ashland Productions 2100 White Bear Avenue Maplewood, MN, 55109 United States

Deuces Wild

Get ready for a night of laughs and extraordinary talent with Deuces Wild! Dueling Pianos! David Eichholz and Ted Manderfeld have been performing with each other for over 11 years, playing 1,700 shows together and traveling over 1 million miles and never missing a show. People of all walks of life and ages have enjoyed David and Ted’s shows for their full-bodied range of music and genres.

David is a Minnesota native and self-taught musician who plays piano, guitar, saxophone, harmonica, trumpet and countless other instruments has been performing the dueling piano concept for over 18 years.

Ted originally walked out on his day job and “demanded” an audition with Deuces Wild. His amazing showmanship and obvious ability to perform as a world class entertainer is what has kept him going and since then he has played thousands of dueling piano shows.

April 15
G.B. Leighton