Based on T.S. Eliot’s whimsical collection of poems, Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s popular musical brings together a tribe of Jellicle Cats on a moonlit evening, who must make the “Jellicle choice” to decide which of them will ascend to the mysterious Heaviside Layer to be reborn. A magical, moving, and often hilarious glimpse into the lives of others, Cats takes Eliot’s lyrical poetry and puts it into the mouths of a diverse company of singing, dancing felines.

Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Based on
‘Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats’ by T.S. Eliot
Directed by Rob Sutherland


Production Staff

Director: Rob Sutherland
Stage Manager: Melissa Faust
Vocal Director: Derick Rehurek
Choreographers: Emily Nies, Dylan Rugh, Jack Scharrer
Assistant Choreographer: Amelia Untiedt
Assistant Stage Managers: Gracie Lindblom, Jordan Rollinger, Claire Van Ranst
Production Coordinator: Amy Krumenacker
Directing Intern: Megan Roddy

Set Designer: Josiah Hendrickson
Set Builder: Jacob Berg
Costume Designer: Meredith Arbuckle
Sound Designer: Born into Royalty
Lighting Designer: Jaco Lee Hofer
Props Designer: Kris Eklund
Deck Manager: Kevin Kurtz
Rehearsal Accompanist: Joan Fitch

Meet the Cast

Named Cats

Gus: Riley Krieger
Bombalurina: Lucy Polkinghorne
Bustopher Jones: Sam Arbuckle
Demeter: Cecilia McCahon
Griddlebone: Anna Pecci
Grizabella: Carlie Tvedt
Growltiger: Noah Hurley
Jellylorum: Madeleine Nelson
Sillabub: Ashley Myers
Jennyanydots: Anna Martinson
Macavity: Reign Allen Knight
Mr. Mistoffelees: Collin Krieger

Mungojerrie: Connor Hestwood
Munkustrap: Brian Donnelly
Old Deuteronomy: Matthew Mortensen
Rumpleteazer: Kelsey Shinkle
Rum Tum Tugger: Talon Krummel Walter
Skimbleshanks: Joseph Sorenson
Victoria: Isabella Worm
Admetus: Jay Kray
Alonzo: Joshua Lester
Tumblebrutus: Ben Davis
Carbucketty: Eliza Peterson
Cassandra: Abigail Lampert

Coricopat: Ben Gutzman
Tantomile: Lauren Kaiser
Electra: Catherine Roddy
Etcetera: Lexy Widi
Rumpus Cat: Lucy Ross
George: Alex Coffey
Victor: Zoey Livingston
Pouncival: James Bresette
Bill Bailey: Kevin Phan
Quaxo: Henry Jensen
Plato: Brenna Germscheid


Anna Avent
Athena Schaefer
Ava Bartel
Ava Turino
Bex Williams
Camryn Connolly

Cora Donoghue
Delaney Tatarka
Elena Gordon
Elizabeth Blakey
Elizabeth Grove
Ella Fletcher

Erica Bartkey
Gao Thao
Izzy Murphy
Jillian Schotters
Maija Lampert
Meadowe Swanson

Olivia Olson
Presley Hanes
Samantha Saenger
Sophia McCarthy
Teresa Higgins

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